Fogmaster Jr

The Fogmaster jr™ is a small general utility fogger. For use with OdoBan® Pro Series Fogging Deodorizer to deodorize and eliminate odors in many commercial settings. This fogger can also be used with pesticides, sanitizers, plain water (mist plants) or deodorants, as well as for aroma therapy. This small fogging machine features a 1-quart tank, suitable for many fogging applications, including vehicle interiors, hotel rooms, restaurants, bars, waiting areas, nursing homes, churches and office building fogging. Adjustable fogging particle size from 15-40 microns. Made of corrosion-resistant material. 

  • For use with OdoBan® Pro Series Fogging Deodorizer
  • Fogs to deodorize and control odors
  • Adjustable particle size
  • Made of corrosion-resistant material
  • Tank Capacity: 1 quart.

About Fogmaster Jr

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