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3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner

OdoBanĀ® 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner is a concentrated commercial carpet cleaning solution that uses safer ingredients to effectively deep clean carpets. Works as three products in one: a traffic lane pretreatment, extraction cleaner and spot remover. Excellent for bonnet cleaning and many commercial carpet cleaning applications. Patented formula technology reduces wear and tear to carpets by suspending dirt and soils, drying 75% faster than traditional carpet cleaners. This unique formula eliminates the need for separate pre-sprays, spot removers, defoamers or additional rinsing agents. Does not promote resoiling, fiber untwisting or matting. Use as a carpet extraction cleaner solution, safe for use in all carpet cleaning machines. WoolSafe approved, safe to use on wool carpet. Concentrated formula makes up to 64 gallons of carpet cleaning solution. Dilute as directed on label before use. From the OdoBanĀ® Pro Series line of commercial cleaning products, trusted by professionals since 1980. Manufactured in the United