One Shot Food Odor Bomb

OdoBan® One Shot Food Odor Bomb is an odor eliminator and air freshener bomb. This total release fogger deodorizes interiors (up to 10,000 cubic ft.), penetrating surface cracks and crevices to remove lingering food smells. Eliminates food odors, curry odors, cooking odors and other hard to remove odors from fabrics, plastics and paint. Leaves no sticky residue. OdoBan® From the OdoBan® Pro Series line of commercial cleaning products, trusted by professionals since 1980. Manufactured in the United States.

  • Total release fogger deodorizes interiors (up to 10,000 cubic ft.)
  • Scent bomb releases lasting fresh fragrance
  • Removes odors like food and cooking odors
  • Penetrates cracks and crevices
  • Fresh Linen scent
  • Made in USA

About One Shot Food Odor Bomb


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