BioDrain Grease & Waste Digester (Ready To Use)

OdoBan® BioDrain Grease & Waste Digester is a bacterial enzyme drain cleaner and grease digester. Effectively breaks down waste, grease, fats and soap scum to prevent clogs in drains, grease traps, waste traps, septic tanks, holding tanks and black water tanks. A safer, natural bacterial alternative to caustic chemicals, this ready-to-use formula opens drains, neutralizes odors and enhances naturally occurring bacterial strains to reduce the need for drain line cleaning or grease trap pumping. Effective under extreme conditions, resists hot water temperatures (up to 200°F), chlorinated products, disinfectants, bleach and acidic or alkaline conditions. From the OdoBan® Pro Series line of commercial cleaning products, trusted by professionals since 1980. Manufactured in the United States.

  • Ready-to-Use formula digests grease and waste to help prevent clogs
  • Exclusive blend of bioengineered bacteria
  • Effective for drains, grease traps, septic tanks and holding tanks
  • Reduces need for grease trap pumping and drain line cleaning
  • Frees and opens slow moving drains
  • Digests and neutralizes odors
  • Safer, natural bacterial alternative to caustic chemicals
  • Hot water resistant (effective up to 200°F)
  • Made in USA

Product Benefits

  • Improved low pH activity
  • Improved biosurfactant production
  • Over 200 billion Colony Forming Units (cfu)/gallon
  • Multi-strain formulation
  • No caustics, acids, solvents or free enzymes
  • Resistant to chlorine, bleach, sanitizers and water temperatures up to 200°F
  • Certified free of gram-negative bacteria (i.e., Salmonella and Shigella)

About BioDrain Grease & Waste Digester (Ready To Use)


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